Back when I was about 9, I remember being asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I thought for a moment and then gave a heartfelt answer… I want to help people. In primary school, I chose to present my projects on herbs and the human body. After high school, I felt drawn to study naturopathy at Southern Cross University. It was during this time that I found my real passion.

I heard about women having home births in the Northern Rivers and this ignited a curiosity within me. After studying remedial massage, one of my friends fell pregnant and I asked if I could massage her during her homebirth. She said yes!

In 2007, armed with a bag of homeopathics, herbal medicine and massage oil… I headed off in the night to support my friend who had gone into labour. When I arrived she was labouring quietly in her bedroom and I massaged her until the early hours of the morning. At dawn, after her midwife arrived, her daughter was born to the morning chorus of birds. This experience was eye-opening and heart-expanding which propelled me on a journey to learn all I could about birth.

I read every book I could find and took a course to become a certified doula. The real learning came ‘on the job’ witnessing women embrace their full power. I learnt the subtle signs of when to massage, when to step back, when to offer a drink of water and generally how to hold space for the huge transition women go through as they bring their babies earth-side.

I was lucky to be mentored by Pam England from ‘Birthing From Within‘ and I use this as a basis to guide couples to holistically prepare for birth. Birth is a mystery but Birthing From Within can help prepare couples to meet any challenge with conviction and a can-do attitude. These classes are particularly suited to couples preparing for a natural birth and want to build their coping mindset. We cover many aspects so couples feel really excited about birth by the time their baby is due.

I believe that pregnancy and birth can be the most amazing and beautiful experience of a woman’s life. It is a huge time of transition and evolution and I believe that the more supported a woman feels, the easier this journey is. Birth is usually more pleasant when a woman has taken time to become educated about her options but she also knows how to get out of her ‘thinking mind’ and trust her intuition.

Being a masseuse for 15 years has shown me how healing and soothing loving touch is. I usually recommend women have as many massages as possible during their pregnancy. It helps them to relax, connect with their baby and to release aches and pains. It is definitely my ‘go-to’ in labour as a supportive tool.

Living in the Northern Rivers has really given me an appreciation of what it means to be surrounded by a caring community. I really believe it takes a village… and I feel honoured to have found my role in supporting women and families as they grow, birth and nurture their babies.  

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