Doula Wisdom Services

Nimbin Studio

1.5hr appointment $125

Offering massage and lactation counselling

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2hr in-home visit $210

within 30 mins of Nimbin

Pregnancy massage and lactation consults available

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3hr in-home visit $295

within 30 mins of Nimbin

Postpartum massage in your own home including; herbal foot-bath, belly binding and lactation support

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“I loved Kirrah's in-home massage! It was so nurturing and relaxing. I've been really craving that gentle, womanly energy so it was pure bliss ❤❤" - Kathryn

Kirrah Stewart

B.ClinSci, L.C (CBI)

  • Over 15 years experience as a Womens Health Consultant
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counsellor and IBCLC Candidate

I am feeling so grounded and wonderful.

Thank you for your nourishing massage Kirrah. I’ve missed my strong and limber body. I feel more myself again.

Thank you for restoring some of my energy and smoothing out a few kinks. 

P.s Today's postpartum session was a gift from a girlfriend so it was extra meaningful - Love from Chloe

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