Postpartum Support

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your  postpartum could be the best time in your life?

Benefits of Postpartum Support:

  • Time to rest and recover fully
  • Feeling nurtured in motherhood
  • Feeling peaceful during the golden month

But right now…


You might not have a clue how your postpartum will actually be, or you know too well what it’s like and you want it to be different this time around. You may have family or friends that want to help but you’re unsure if they’ll care for you the way you want.  


You may be in denial…


Many pregnant women are so focussed on the birth that postpartum can be glossed over or forgotten about. You might have read some books on breastfeeding but it all seems a bit abstract. How can you really prepare? How will you know what you want? Maybe you’ve heard stories and you’re just crossing your fingers that new motherhood will be different for you.


I believe it takes a village


I’ve been shocked and saddened by the increasing rates of depression and anxiety and loneliness that arise in new motherhood. Did you know that over 80% of new mothers feel exhausted and overwhelmed during new parenthood and the divorce rates skyrocket? It doesn’t have to be like this.


I’ve been a doula for over ten years and my goal is to help you build your village so you can feel happy, loved and supported. My focus is on helping women and their families navigate pregnancy, birth and beyond. I do this by providing holistic care and nourishing support.


This support helps you shift from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to feeling loved and nurtured during your postpartum. When YOU feel nourished, you can be a better mama for your baby.


The Golden Month Package includes


  • 4 in-home postpartum sessions to help you feel nourished and supported in your new role. Each 2-3hour visit will be supportive of your needs that day. It may include remedial massage, belly binding, breastfeeding counselling and a range of holistic therapies to assist you to feel balanced and well supported. At each visit, I bring a home-cooked meal made from ‘The First Forty Days’ or ‘Nourishing Newborn Mothers’.
  • On-call support via phone or text to make sure you always have the support of a friendly professional
  • A Doula Wisdom Hamper including natural postpartum remedies, perineal healing herbs, nourishing breastfeeding tea, modern tubular belly band, traditional Bengkung belly bind and some treats for the breastfeeding mama.
  • Nurture the mother ceremony: This is enjoyed on your final visit. It includes the rebozo closing ritual to help energetically close the birthing journey. It also includes a nurturing warm oil massage, herbal foot bath and traditional Bengkung belly binding. This session helps you feel honoured and celebrated.



The Golden Month Package is for:


Mothers who realise that birth is just the beginning. It is for people that understand the value in receiving help and want this time to be memorable and filled with happy, joyous moments.


If this sounds like what you’re wanting…


The next step is to book a free postpartum planning consultation. Don’t leave it too late, as due to the intimate nature of this work, I limit my postpartum support to 2 women per month. 


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“I felt so loved by Kirrah. I looked forward to each of her postpartum visits – her massages, home cooking and teas are incredible. Kirrah is thoughtful, supportive, knowledgeable, and so well organised – I recommend her highly!”
Dana Diament, New Mama

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