Birth Classes

Want to feel confident about birth & beyond?

Map to Birth & Beyond Online Birth Course

This complete birth & postpartum course allows you study all lessons from the comfort of your home so you can feel more calm and confident about birth and beyond.

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Map to Birth Course + Private Class Package

Access all lessons within the Map to Birth & Beyond course PLUS enjoy a private online class to really boost your confidence about birth and postpartum.

Upgraded package $290

"When I was in labor, I could actually hear Kirrah's voice in my head when I was having contractions---even though she wasn’t physically present, she was there coaching me through it every step of the way.

This made a world of difference to my labor!" (Dana)

You'll love these classes if...

  • You are preparing for a natural birth and want to feel more confident in your self
  • You are wanting your partner to be involved and know what to do during labour
  • You want to do everything possible so you can feel super confident and actually look forward to birth
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