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Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

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Are you feeling excited about motherhood?

Do you want to do all you can to be prepared for parenting?

Do you feel you need more support to enjoy this next chapter of your life?

I'm here for you.
I know we'll get along if...

You believe birth is just the beginning

and you want to feel joy in motherhood

You love massages

and you like to use complementary medicine and therapies

You know you want more support

so that you can transition to motherhood with more peace 

A bit about me...

I'm Kirrah Stewart. I have 15 years experience supporting families in pregnancy, birth and postpartum in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

I am passionate about women's health and wellbeing. I really believe it takes a village and I know the right support makes ALL the difference to your journey.

How I can help you...

I love to work with women who:

  • Believe that postpartum is a transformative time
  • Value self-care and holistic treatments
  • Need some support from a caring professional


Book 2hr in-home Visit
See Postpartum Packages
Book a 1.5hr Massage at my Nimbin Studio

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