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We provide inspiring pregnancy classes to help you feel more calm and confident about birth and postpartum


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Many people are worried about birth

It's challenging to stay positive, especially with everything going on right now. But it doesn't have to feel overwhelming.

Having a positive birth is great for your baby and will also help you...

Boost your confidence in those early days and weeks

Recover more quickly and feel happier in postpartum

Increase bonding and breastfeeding success

The right support makes ALL the difference

I have witnessed the trauma that can unfold when people are unprepared for birth and/or postpartum.

I KNOW that it doesn't have to be like this.

Hi! My name is Kirrah Stewart and I am a certified doula and childbirth educator with over 10 years experience.

I can teach you the wisdom to enjoying a positive birth and peaceful postpartum. 

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Online Birth Confidence Course

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You'll be empowered to have the best possible birth and postpartum.


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