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You're in the right place if you'd like to feel more confident about birth and beyond

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Latest articles to boost your confidence

Why you need to take charge of your birth and beyond

No one cares more about your health and the health of your baby than YOU.

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7 keys to helping you achieve a natural birth

While many aspects of your birthing experience will be a surprise, there are some key components you can control.

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Why it’s important to prepare for postpartum BEFORE you birth

Take time to think about the postnatal period before you are experiencing it.

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I’m pregnant - now what?

You may find yourself wondering... What can you do to make this time a little easier?

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Your baby wants you to feel confident about birth & postpartum

Knowledge is power when you are getting ready for one of the most  demanding times in your life.

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What do you actually need for a baby?

You'll love this list of things to get ready before your baby arrives.

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The hormone that will help you love your birth

If you’re about to have a baby, it’s essential to know about this hormone 

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Do You Need To Prepare For Birth?

When it comes to preparing for birth, do you risk knowing too little or too much?

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Planning a birth?

Get this FREE checklist to learn practical tips and natural suggestions for the three stages of labor. It’ll help you feel more calm and confident as you prepare to meet your baby.


Download this free checklist to learn practical tips for the 3 stages of labor. It will help you to feel confident planning your birth.