Holistic Support and Nourishing Care Throughout the Childbearing Years

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Do you wish someone could support you and help you feel confident about birth and becoming a mother?

We’d really get along  if:

  • You’re someone who likes to feel organized and prepared
  • You realise that giving birth is a life-changing experience
  • You want to do all you can to feel confident for birth and parenthood

Hi there! I’m Kirrah.
I’m a doula with over ten years experience helping families feel loved and supported.
I really believe it takes a village and I want to support you as you walk this journey into parenthood.

I am a doula and I also:

  • Teach holistic antenatal classes
  • Provide nurturing support during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Love to help people feel a part of a global village

I love to work with women who:

  • Want the very best for themselves and their baby
  • Believe that birth and parenting is a transformational time
  • Value self-care and holistic treatments

Postpartum Cheatsheet

If you’d like to begin feeling more prepared for your fourth trimester… download the postpartum cheatsheet so you can start building your village today.

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✓ Know your options

✓ Feel more prepared

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