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This video will help you feel more confident about loving your birth and beyond.

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Preparing for your birth? You'll enjoy this birth plan checklist. It has tips and advice for each stage of labour.

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Latest mini birth lessons

What is the best pain relief in labour?

It’s VERY natural to seek pleasure and avoid discomfort. Learn 9 different options to help relieve the pains of labour. 

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Inductions, Jaundice, Vitamin K and Lochia

Do you know enough about inductions? How to recognise jaundice? When to get vitamin K? or how long lochia lasts after birth? Let's dive in...

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Midwives, Newborn Screening, Obstetricians and Postpartum

Now you can feel more confident about who can support you in labour and what options you have for birth and postpartum.

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4 keys to a more peaceful postpartum

If you’re pregnant, you have probably thought a lot about the birth of your little one. But what about postpartum, the time after your baby arrives?

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Planning a birth?

Get this FREE checklist to learn practical tips and natural suggestions for the three stages of labor. It’ll help you feel more calm and confident as you prepare to meet your baby.


Learn the 3 keys to LOVING your birth and beyond. You can implement them today!