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So many women are worried about giving birth

You may have heard some scary stories.

Did you know that up to 1/3 of people  are feeling traumatized by childbirth with around 1/6 women experiencing postpartum depression? #superscary


But... you can have a positive experience...

If you receive the right support

It's important that you feel supported throughout your whole journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum

If you learn about the options available to you

Knowledge is power. Discover what choices you have so you can make empowered decisions.

If you prepare your mind and body for birth

The more you prepare... the more calm and confident you'll feel about birth and those early weeks with your newborn.

If you’re a healthy mama-to-be and you want the best for your baby then you already know you need to spend time preparing for birth and beyond.

Because having a positive birth will also...

Boost your confidence as a newborn mother

Increase bonding and breastfeeding success

Help you be happier and recover more quickly

But how you do prepare for this life-changing event?

It can be overwhelming to sift through the information and stories being told to you. 

This is why I'm inviting you to join... Your Map to Birth and Beyond

An online course to help you feel more calm and confident about birth whilst also creating a plan for a more peaceful postpartum.

Your Map to Birth & Beyond
Course Details

  • Learn from the comfort of your home (it's entirely online)
  • Video and audio lessons with a comprehensive antenatal workbook
  • Can be completed over a weekend - great for busy partners!
  • 12 months access to the course

Birth Confidence

Module 1

Learn how to feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

Discover simple exercises to encourage your baby into a good position for birth.

Feel empowered about the choices you have for birth & beyond.

Breathing for Birth

Module 2

Learn proven breathing techniques to help make labour easier.


Your Postpartum Matters

Module 3

Discover therapies and remedies to help your postpartum time be more peaceful.


Your teacher - Kirrah Stewart

Map to Birth & Beyond covers everything you need to know to help you have a positive birth & peaceful postpartum

"In my first birth I got to a point where I felt panicked and needed an epidural to cope with the pain.

This time around was very different. Kirrah’s antenatal course helped me to ENJOY all stages of labour and birth my second baby with ease." 

Kate, mother of 2

"Kirrah's support made the world of difference to my birth & postpartum.

My partner and I both learnt so much in her antenatal course. We highly recommend."

Dana, 1st time mama

"After a traumatic third birth I knew I needed to deeply prepare for my fourth baby.

Kirrah's support is worth more than gold. She helped me achieve my dream birth experience."

Kaidi, mother of 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's never too early to start feeling more confident about birth & beyond.

Joining in your first trimester is awesome because it will give you plenty of time to practice the breathing techniques and feel organized.

Ideally you are less than 38 weeks pregnant ;-) 

I can only go by what other people have shared with me. Many mama’s say they love my teaching style and that the breathing techniques they learned during this course worked better than what they had learnt in other courses. They felt they had a full toolkit of techniques that worked at every stage, including transition time.

One big difference is that you'll not only prepare your mind and body for birth but you'll ALSO deeply prepare for postpartum. This will give you 110% confidence in yourself to enjoy birth and plan for a peaceful time with your newborn.

And... you also get 12 months access to me as your virtual doula. How cool!

Absolutely. The lesson called 'Birth 101' is designed specifically with partners in mind. So that birth doesn't come as a shock, you and your support person will explore what labor looks like and what to expect.

You’ll learn what is happening in your body during labor and just as important, your partner or support person will learn helpful things to be doing at each stage.

You and your partner will also learn relationship saving tips for postpartum so you can thrive in the fourth trimester and really work as a team.

To give you peace of mind, we offer a money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel more calm and confident about birthing your baby within 5 days of enrolment, reach out to [email protected] and show us that you’ve taken action and we will refund your investment.

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