Map to Birth & Beyond
Complete Online Antenatal Course

To help you feel more calm & confident about birth & postpartum

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Too many people are worried about their birth and postpartum.

This is why I created an online childbirth education course.

So YOU can feel well supported on your journey and enjoy a positive birth and peaceful postpartum.

Because a positive birth experience will...

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Boost your confidence as a newborn mother

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Help you recover more quickly and feel happier in postpartum

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Increase successful bonding and breastfeeding

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Hey There!
I'm Kirrah Stewart
Creator of Doula Wisdom's Map to Birth & Beyond

I'm a Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula and Lactation Counsellor. I've got over 15 years experience and I've helped hundreds of people have joyful and positive births.

My dream is to help you too!

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Enrol in Map to Birth & Beyond and access all these videos

The course also includes a comprehensive antenatal workbook 

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Want a sneak peek of a lesson?

In less than 10 minutes you can feel more relaxed and more connected to your baby... try this short prenatal yoga sequence!

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It's easy to enrol

You'll get access to theĀ completeĀ antenatal program


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Learn the wisdom

Create a plan for a positive birth and peaceful postpartum 

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Rock your birth

You'll feel more calm and confident about everything. I promise.

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 "I feel so proud of myself for calmly and gently birthing my baby boy. I will carry this amazing memory for the rest of my life.

Definitely do the Map to Birth and Beyond course. It will boost your confidence so much!"

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About the program

An online antenatal course for women who want to be prepared, confident and have the best birth possible

Course Outline


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"In my first birth I got to a point where I felt panicked and needed an epidural to cope with the pain.

This course helped me to ENJOY all stages of my 2nd labour and birth my baby with ease." 

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"This birthing course is a game changer. It helped me get in the right head space to have a positive experience.

I had a successful and joyful water birth. I'm already looking forward to the next time."
- Hannah

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"My partner and I both learnt so much in this antenatal course. 

The breathing skills really helped at every step of my birth.
We highly recommend"
- Dana

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Gain Knowledge | Set a plan | Enjoy a confident birth

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Money-back guarantee if you don't feel more confident in the first five days.

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