Do you wish you could have more energy and clarity?

You would have more enthusiasm for life and not have to rely on stimulants like coffee/tea/sugar just to get you through the day. You would feel more balanced.

​Instead of multi vitamins and other supplements you could enjoy having just one whole-food supplement that is nourishing and a natural energy booster.

Introducing Vitality Pills 

  • Containing 100% certified organic dehydrated chicken livers, encased in a vegetable capsule.
  • 100 capsules per jar

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I know how it feels to be low in iron and low in energy

I had been a vegetarian for around 15 years but my health had started to decline. I had tried A LOT of iron supplements but nothing seemed to help me feel better.

People began telling me "you should eat meat" but I didn't want to hear it. However, I knew I needed to do something to become healthier. 

This is when I found out about the benefits of chicken liver

Organic chicken liver contains more nutrients than any other food. It is worthy of the title 'superfood'. It contains a highly use-able form of iron, vitamin B12, folate, zinc and many other nutrients including an anti-fatigue factor. 

But I didn't want to cook up and eat liver so I did training and learnt how to safely encapsulate it and turn it into an easy-to-take supplement. 

My body obviously needed an animal source of iron because I was able to raise my ferritin from 7 to 70 with the chicken liver capsules! 

It was life-changing. I still don’t eat red meat and haven’t for 25 years.

Many of my customers are vegetarian, vegan or intolerant of red meat but find these liver capsules provide an easy way to get the benefits of heme iron.

"These organic chicken liver capsules make such a difference to my energy levels!

I just had my iron levels checked and I’ve gone from anaemic to the high range - thanks!"

(Beth R.)

We have done the hard work for you...

It takes a lot of time and the right equipment to turn a whole food into an easy-to-take pill. We have sourced Australian Certified Organic chicken livers (from organically raised, free ranging chickens), bought the highest quality equipment and we have dedicated hours to refining the process.

We have done all the hard work so you can enjoy the benefits. Taking vitality pills couldn’t be easier.

The capsules come in a jar and you simply swallow them with water or juice, just like taking a vitamin. The capsules can also be opened and the chicken liver powder sprinkled into meals or smoothies (especially great for kids).

Vitality Capsules Reviews

Midwife Bronwyn says...

"The biggest feedback I get from women is that they have an increase in energy and mental clarity. The chicken liver capsules bring up iron levels really well."

Mama of twins says...

"The vitality pills helped me get my iron levels up during pregnancy when nothing else worked. I have felt SO much energy and clarity.

I can truly feel the chicken liver capsules working in my system!"

From anaemic to normal thanks to Vitality Pills

"The Vitality Pills have changed my life too. I had my iron levels checked and the doctors were baffled with how much my iron stores had risen. They were like, how did you do it?!" K.D

Frequently Asked Questions

"I LOVE the Vitality Pills. They have quite literally changed my life. My lips are pink for the first time ever and I feel AMAZING!"

What's in a price?

We are a small family business and our main priority is helping people.
We want you to have the same amazing results that we have.
Collecting, preparing, dehydrating, processing and encapsulating the Vitality Pills is a very time consuming process.

We believe in the health value of whole foods, and for those who are unable or unwilling to consume whole fresh livers  (we aren't either) this is the best way we have found to get the benefits.

We hope you'll agree it's a small price to pay for the energy and vitality you will feel!

Stockists for Vitality Pills

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Byron Bay & Northern Rivers

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