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Birth is awesome

Jan 27, 2019

This drawing was created by a 5 year old girl after witnessing the homebirth of her younger sister. How incredible. I was there too that day. Georgia has always been fascinated with life and how things work. It was so special to see the awe in her eyes as she witnessed the power of birth first hand. She was so proud of her mother!

Georgia knows that childbirth is hard work and requires strength and determination. She understands this ‘everyday miracle’ on a level that many people don’t.

It would be so great if more people knew that birth doesn't have to be scary or traumatizing. Unfortunately, media often portrays birth as quite dramatic. Many depictions of birth are of a woman lying flat on her back being surrounded by doctors and medical equipment and having things ‘done to her’. She is often seen yelling or screaming and seems very ‘out of control’.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Birth can be a beautiful, joyous event where you feel transformed.

Georgia knows this. What an inspiring view of birth.

What do you think about birth? Do you love birth? Does it excite you? Would you like to feel more positive? More knowledgeable?

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