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How Perifit is taking pelvic floor health to a whole new level

Apr 17, 2020

Kegel exercises help to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. It’s something we know we probably ‘should’ be doing, but how many of us are actually doing pelvic floor exercises? And if you are doing them… how do you know if you’re doing them properly?


Let’s start with WHY Kegels are important

Having a strong pelvic floor means you’re better able to your support abdominal and pelvic organs, able to prevent urine leakage when coughing/laughing/sneezing and also have increased sexual pleasure.

Being able to effectively contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles is particularly beneficial for pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum recovery.


Enter… The Perifit Kegel Exerciser

Perifit is a little wand that lets you play video games with your pelvic floor muscles. This makes it fun to do your training and can help you experience quicker results. You can track your progress and get instant feedback. It’s like an at-home pelvic floor gym.

It’s particularly good for people that aren’t sure if they have been doing their Kegels correctly because the bio-feedback technology lets you know how well you’re doing in real-time.


How come Perifit Kegel exerciser is so cool?

It’s super easy to use and is lots of fun. I think this will make it more likely you actually make time for the exercises.

Perifit has two sensors that help you tone the deep pelvic floor muscles as well as the superficial ones.

It’s just as important that you know how to relax as well as contract your pelvic floor muscles. The games that come with the Perifit app allow you to know how to relax as well as contract your Kegels. It’s great for beginners or experts wanting to perfect their technique.


Who could benefit from using the Perifit Kegel exerciser?

Millions of women experience some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction like incontinence or prolapse. The Perifit has been designed to help prevent and/or treat these conditions as well as other pelvic floor disorders.

 Everyone can benefit from pelvic floor training. Obviously if you have had any damage to your pelvic floor or suffer from severe prolapse, then it’s best to get advice from a professional first.

Perifit is very beneficial for women during their postpartum. It can be safely used from six weeks after giving birth. It makes pelvic floor rehabilitation fun and effective.

 This Kegel exerciser is also beneficial for anyone experiencing stress/urge incontinence.


How do you use Perifit?

The Perifit is really easy to use. It’s just a matter of downloading the app and connecting it via bluetooth to your phone.

You can view the video game on your phone and you use your pelvic floor muscles to move through the course. There are different programs depending on your needs and there are different levels to unlock. The training programs cover postpartum training to incontinence training to having a better time in the bedroom with intimacy wellbeing.


P.s From now until May 31st you can get 10% off a Perifit if you use the discount code DOULAWISDOM 


** I was gifted the Perifit to try and I loved it! I hope you do too.



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