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How to have an easier birth

May 26, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all face-to-face antenatal classes got cancelled. But don’t worry, you can still learn all you need to know.

Enrolling in the online course, Map to Birth and Beyond means you can watch and re-watch the classes as many times as you like. You can even watch the classes in your pyjamas at a time that suits you.

And, you still have access to me… AKA your virtual doula. I’m always available via email to answer any questions that may come up in your pregnancy/birth/postpartum journey.


People often ask me…

Is it worth making a birth plan or can you just go with the flow?

It can be tempting to just read some books and watch some birth videos and then 'go with the flow' on the day. 

However, the more you prepare for your birth and early weeks with your baby, the more calm and confident you will feel. Knowing what to expect means you can take action to have the right support, practice breathing techniques for birth and also plan to have a more peaceful, fully supported postpartum.

In the Map to Birth and Beyond course, we go through all the options so you can make the choices that feel best for you.


Can’t you just trust your midwife to help you on the day?

No one cares more about your health and the health of your baby than YOU. If you don’t know your options, you are leaving your fate in the hands of someone else. 

Also, most midwives are incredibly busy. They are usually caring for multiple people so may not have the time to coach you and go through all the options.

Ideally you take the time to practice breathing techniques before you go into labour. This will help you move through each stage of labour more easily.


What about all the free online classes? Do you really need to do a course?

There are a lot of free resources online but sorting through what is the right and wrong information can get really overwhelming. Your Map to Birth and Beyond antenatal course covers all you need to know to have a positive birth and peaceful postpartum. I’ve taken over 10 years of knowledge and experience and turned it into an easy-to-digest course that is FUN to work through. It will actually save you time and money.

A good birth is priceless and will effect you for decades to come.


How do you start?

Enrol in Map to Birth and Beyond and I’ll hold your (virtual) hand the whole way.

You can start with what piques your interest… learn what labour looks like with birth 101… learn breathing techniques to make contractions feel easier… do some prenatal yoga to calm your mind.


How would you like to remember the birth of your baby? What would you like those first weeks postpartum to be like? Are you ready to feel empowered about birth and beyond?




Do you want to feel more confident about birth?

Download this free natural birth checklist that covers practical tips and natural suggestions for the three stages of labor. Start feeling more confident about your birth plan.


Learn the 3 keys to LOVING your birth and beyond. You can implement them today!