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Your baby wants you to feel confident about birth AND postpartum

Apr 02, 2019

Firstly, can I start by asking… what do you want for your birth and postpartum?

And if that feels too tricky to answer… perhaps you know what you DON’T want?

You’ve probably heard some traumatic birth stories. When it comes to birthing your baby, it’d be nice to skip the overwhelm hey?

When you’re pregnant people like to tell you ALL the stories. It’s as though you are carrying a sign that says  ‘share your scary stories’. You believe in yourself but sometimes these stories worry you.

Ideally…. You’d like the day you meet your baby to be an extremely happy and positive experience.

So, is there something you can do to make your birth easier?



Knowledge is power when you are getting ready for one of the most physically and mentally demanding times in your life.

With the right support this can be the most incredible time of your life! I honestly believe you can LOVE giving birth and those early weeks postpartum.

But I do believe… it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand.

But… what if you’re short on time?

Do you feel that your life is already too busy and you don’t have enough time to think about birth or postpartum… just yet.

So, I’d like to ask you… what if you made time?

Where could you schedule 1hr to start planning your birth and beyond?

What would it mean to you if you started feeling less worried and instead felt more calm when thinking about birth and those early weeks?

I bet you’d like to feel more confident. Wouldn’t that be nice? Your baby would love that too.

You’re going to remember the birth of your baby for the rest of your life. It truly is a life-changing event. Would you like to feel that you did ALL you could to prepare? I have seen how amazingly beautiful and empowering birth can be and I want YOU to have a positive experience too.

And what about postpartum?

Not every day in postpartum is going to be insta-worthy. 

If you type ‘postnatal’ into google, some of the suggested phrases are ‘postnatal depression’, ‘postnatal anxiety’ and ‘postnatal depletion’. It’s not very positive is it? I’ve heard some people refer to their symptoms as ‘having postnatal’, suggesting that the word postnatal has become synonymous with postnatal depression. When postnatal simply refers to the time after the baby arrives.

Why are we seeing up to 85% of women feeling out of balance in those early days with up to a quarter of women experiencing postpartum depression? Why do you think people are feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

I believe it has to do with the support.

Practical support

Emotional support

Physical support

Professional support

Family support

and most importantly.... Accepting support

Support is key if you’re going to be able to have time to rest and recover after giving birth. I highly recommend learning how to ask for help. Say yes to support, so you can say yes to being totally dedicated to your new baby. Say yes to care that nourishes you so that you can heal from birth and nurture your newborn. Your baby will thank you for the time you took to plan your postpartum.


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