Lactation Counselling - Northern Rivers & beyond

(Please note, I am taking a break from Lactation Counselling and not offering sessions at the moment)

Many women know the benefits of breastmilk and want to breastfeed their baby.

But... it is a learned skill. It’s more likely that breastfeeding will be a successful and enjoyable experience when the new parents feel well supported.

That's where I can help!

Lactation Counselling Services
Nimbin, NSW, Australia
Online consults available worldwide

"We tried every breastfeeding video without luck. But after an online consult with Kirrah from Doula Wisdom we finally understood and learnt the proper techniques of latching. Now we have a healthy baby boy who was just weighed at 9.28kg after 4 months of successful breastfeeding!"
(Zac & Tegan, first time parents)

Lactation Counselling with Kirrah LC (CBI)

  • Over 20 years experience as a Womens Health Consultant
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Postpartum Doula and Lactation Counsellor
  • IBCLC Candidate
  • Experience supporting: low milk supply, using a breast-pump, hand expressing, induced lactation, forceful let-down, twin feeding, mastitis, blocked ducts, flat nipples, sore nipples, using donor milk with an SNS, collecting colostrum and general positioning and latch support.

“I highly recommend Kirrah. She helped me through some really tricky times early lactation. I'm still breastfeeding  against all odds" - Cat

Got a lactation question?

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“Kirrah’s lactation support helped me feel so much better. We are still going strong 6 months later"

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