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*Please note I'm not currently offering postpartum care or lactation counselling


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How do you want to feel after your baby arrives?

Calm... Confident... Peaceful?


Feel more confident

Practical and nourishing support helps you feel calm and confident in your new role

Recover more quickly

Massage and natural therapies help you heal better and feel happier during postpartum

Enjoy breastfeeding 

Lactation support helps you feel more satisfied feeding your baby

You nurture your baby and I nurture you

Mini Postpartum Package

This package includes two in-home visits (around 3hrs each during your postpartum).

You also receive:

  • Phone/email/text support to make sure you have practical and emotional support.
  • Access to my lending library of postpartum specific books and lactation supplies

These visits can be enjoyed any time in the first 6 weeks postpartum

I will come to your home and make sure you're getting the support you need to feel at peace. I will nourish you with a full body massage, herbal foot-bath and lactation support (including treats/teas).

You can also enjoy moxa therapy, acupressure for relaxation and belly binding.

Have you got a question or want to check availability for your due date?

Send me a message below and I'll send you a free postpartum planner

Your postpartum doula - Kirrah Stewart

15 years experience supporting families in the Northern Rivers

  • Bachelor of Clinical Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Certified Lactation Counsellor (and IBCLC Candidate)
  • Certified Doula
  • Certified Masseuse

Would you like a free 'get to know each other' chat? 

Let me know your details below and I'll be in touch to organize a time we can talk about your postpartum.

I'll also send you a FREE postpartum planner

I felt loved and nurtured

Thanks so much for all of your massages. You are incredible and perfectly suited to what you do 😊
You definitely helped me in my postpartum recovery.

~ Kimberly

The First Forty Days:
Postpartum Care Package

This package includes 4 nurturing in-home visits (around 3 hrs each).

  • Phone/email/text support to make sure you have practical and emotional support
  • Use of my lending library of postpartum specific books and lactation supplies
  • Free access to my online childbirth course 'Map to Birth and Beyond' to help you feel more confident about labour and postpartum. 


What happens during a postpartum visit?

Each in-home visit is tailored to your needs on the day. You can feel nurtured with a herbal foot-bath, breastfeeding support, nourishing full body massage and warming moxa treatment.

I bring everything to your visit: massage table, oils, music, pillows, postpartum healing herbs, teas, belly binds, lactation supplies and a nourishing meal (that you can enjoy after your massage or pop in your freezer for later).

The Birth Closing ceremony
This is enjoyed on your final visit. It includes a closing ritual to help energetically close the birthing journey. This session helps you feel honoured and celebrated.

If you would like a full month of delicious postpartum meals and treats (delivered weekly) - let me know when enquiring.

Enquire about this package

Everyone deserves holistic postpartum care

Consider asking friends and family to gift you a visit or meal delivery 

The Postpartum Menu

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Helene, Mama of 2 says... 

"I was so well supported by Kirrah through my postpartum. I remember my mum commenting, if all women did this, there would be no postnatal depression."

Caitlin, mama of 3 says...

"Receiving postpartum care and nurturing massage is essential to help you relax and transition more easily into your new role"